Google Street View and The Germans.

“Measels or Blue Pox???” you  ask yourself whilst looking at the sad blue dotted landscape of the Vaterland…not that I am very patriotic…and in fact, given our history of spying on each other in the 30ies and 40ies as well as till ’89, I am not a big fan of seeing my own environment in zoomable bright colour on billions of computer screens…


When I read on Brian’s the blue hour and on gainsbourger about Leila‘s in East London, close to Arnold’s Circus…ah, what did I bless the alienesque Google cars with their nosy eyes zooming  through Europe’s streets!! I could just go and see Leila’s, touch, smell…well not really…hm. But it felt…pretty good anyway. Maybe it does not make much sense for a place like this?? Click on the links to get a real taste yourself…

Oh, for our Hepzibah shoot in Prague last year it was fabulous. You are in a city you don’t know, a location falls through…in seconds you stroll down the roads and get a rough idea of what’s there.

And see yourself here…blue small pox against French country side…hm…


2 thoughts on “Google Street View and The Germans.

  1. A friend left me a note on facebook about this post:

    “Jeff Jarvis zum Thema Google Streetview: ‘Deutschland, was hast Du getan?’ → #blurmany”
    …about “Public Parts in the U.S. – and das Deutsche Paradoxon”

    Check his link…super interesting article in Die Zeit…

    And than there is another one:
    …a reply in the FAZ to the article if the American Jeff Jarvis about #blurmany

  2. A great bit about this issue has been written by art-blogger Greg Allen of Not only does he draw the most wonderful relation between German Blurmany and Gerhard Richter (very German himself indeed, as we can also learn on – in his wonderfully crafted article he also lists the in Germany rarely discussed fact of stree-view cencorship in the oh-so-free Netherlands:

    Netherlands, where the Intelligence and Defense Ministries actively distort the Google Maps imagery and block Street View access for dozens of sites they have unilaterally deemed sensitive. […] While obscuring active military bases or the royal palaces may be justified for security reasons, the Dutch government’s Google Maps pixelation program also renders maps of entire villages and town centers unusable as it hides abandoned NATO weather stations – or nothing at all.

    Read Greg Allens full article here.

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