First come, first bake. | Wer zuerst kommt backt zuerst.

…10 kilo flour, 10 kilo sugar, 12 pounds of butter, 50 eggs…

…we’ve been hosting a large and wonderful baking party. Toddlers, teens, mothers, fathers and the usual Munich single-crowd, 8 hours time till midnight and lots and lots of warm winter air inside our tiny summer-house.


Pictures by Alexey Kuchinsky.

Mozartkugeln Rezept

Most people come here to find a recipe for Mozart Kugeln. It took us this eve about 4 text messages, 30min googling and 6 phone calls to find out ourselves. And – as you can see here there are many different versions of the ‘real’ Mozartkugel. This is what we did in the end and it turned out delicious:

  • pistaccio marzipan (or: icing sugar, pistacchios, rose water)
  • nougat
  • dark chocolate

Prepare marzipan from pistachios. Normally, one part almonds / one part icing sugar and a few drops of rose water make marzipan. Simply replace almonds with pistachios. form small little balls rolling finger tip sized pistachio-marzipan lumps in your hands. Surround with nougat by squeezing it a bit in slightly soft nougat and rolling long enough in your hands until the nougat entirely surrounds the pistachio-marzipan core. Meld dark chocolate. With the help of a skewer or a tooth pick, take each nougat ball with pistachio-marzipan core and dip it in to the melted dark chocolate. Let cool and dry. Guten Appetit!

Cinnamon Stars * Zimtsterne (scroll down for English)

(contributed by my colleague Jan Betke, who’s mum wrote it down from the hospital matron (Schwester Oberin) in the Freiburg University Children’s Clinic in the 50ies, when Jan’s father was assistant medical director there)

6 Eiweiß * egg whites
750g Puderzucker * icing sugar
2 EL Zimt * 2 table spoons cinnamon
750 g – 1kg ungeschälte gemahlene Mandeln * ground almonds

Eiweiß zu steifem Schnee schlagen. Mit Puderzucker so dick quirlen, dass die Masse nicht vom Löffel läuft.
1 gute Tasse der Masse beiseite stellen
Zimt und 750 g Mandeln dazugeben. Zu Teig unterheben und fingerdick auswellen. Dabei die restlichen geriebenen Mandeln als „Mehl“ verwenden (auf Silikonfolie o.ä. denn die Geschichte klebt wie verrückt!!)
Sterne ausstechen und auf mit Backpapier belegtem Blech verteilen.
Mit dem zurückgehaltenen Eischnee bestreichen.
Bei 120°C bis 150°C solange backen, bis der Eischnee beginnt bräunlich zu werden.

Tip: zuerst hoehere Temperatur, dann niedriger stellen, bis die Sterne nicht mehr klebrig sondern ganz trocken sind.

Beat egg whites and add icing sugar till you get a stiff meringue base. Set approx one cup of it aside for later. To the rest, add the cinnamon and start spooning in the almonds. Beat as many almonds in as you can to make the dough less sticky. Roll the dough best between two layers of cling warp (stick one layer with tape on to your working surface). Role as thick as you like your cookies to be.  Some like finger thick, some crisp and thin. The thinner, the crunchier later. The thicker, the creamier inside. with a cookie cutter or biscuit cutter you cut out star shapes. Put them on your baking tray and spoon now the meringue you kept aside on top of each star. I like it thick. Bake at 120°C bis 150°C till the meringue just starts to tint slightly.

My advice is to start at higher temperature to get that crispy crust without melting the meringue. Than I set the oven lower until the cookies are not sticky any more. A great Farenheit – Celsius and gas-oven converter can be found here.


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