Pfalz | Summer.

On the last day of August this year I wrote a post that I never published… maybe coz it felt to depressing at the time to admit that in fact I have to return to the eternal Bavarian winter-world? Today, we have an opposite setting of the one you can see here:

The Palatinate was a small kind of holiday region of kings and emperors. Simply spoken. – Not even holidays: they had to be close to their folks coz internet had not been invented yet neither had TV and therefore you ought to be checking up on your subjects from time to time and chop the one or other head of or show your grace.

Pfalz Webcam by Martin Grund located in Neustadt/Weinstraße.

As you can see on the picture, the noble rulers liked it sunny and warm. If I would have been a Bavarian King I’d moved away from what the image below shows – same time, same day, taken in Munich, Bavaria.

Same time, same day, proper exposure, no photoshop.

So today, I shall follow this old tradition, shun the rigour of turbulence and cold rain and leave to lovely Neustadt an der Weinstraße, yes, with the cute ß, where I crept out of my mothers belly almost 36 years ago in to this sunny warm summery world.

Bye, bye Bavaria. See you next summer!


3 thoughts on “Pfalz | Summer.

    • A of Z, ich war doch im SUMMER dort…des hab’ ich doch im Auguscht gschriwwe… awwer Weihnachte dann, gell… Am Beschde an de Muddersproch g’fallt mer immer noch des Doppel-W.

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