Yummy! Lekker! Food Photography.

Today I shot a music video in a kitchen. It reminded me, how much food I shot in the last months. For myself. For restaurants. For cafés. – And only by coincidence.

I love food. And I love light. And I love observing. And I love cooking. And I love having a bite. Does this make a good food photographer?

← See here on the left a chocolate cake, luckily not in pumpkin shape.

And here a heart warming winter → breakfast, steamy and hot in cold snowy Bavaria winter town.



A while back I asked you kindly to pick what you want:

Food cooked by me and shown in the picture or the picture or meeting me for lunch and check out my work.

You are still welcome to contribute and tell me your opinion here!

Oh, since these two images above are obviously put here in a truculent attack of my strange humour, which sometimes holds my brain under siege for hours, I should put some normal nice food images here as well, no?



One thought on “Yummy! Lekker! Food Photography.

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