Sleigh. Ghetto. Snow.

Munich is a nice, clean, neat and proper town. There is very limited affordable housing. There are very few working class quarters. And there is next to nothing you could call a ghetto.

We do have some pre-fab flat buildings, all squeezed in to two major suburbs of pre-fab-ia. The planners in the 70ies had obviously not watched David Cronenberg’s early work Shivers (1975, aka They Came From Within / The Parasite Murders). Otherwise they had known that it can turn out very bad to put many people in high-rise apartment buildings.

Here, however, all looks nice and peaceful. I used to live in one of those prefab flats. But remember, no infectious parasites here. It’s Munich. Nice, calm, cozy, subtle and sleepy.

I enjoyed a lot this Sunday in the snow.

(Wunderbar Schlitten fahren und den Neuperlachern ins Hochhaus gucken. Immer bei Schnee im Ostpark auf Ski-Gebiet ähnlichen Schlitten-Bahnen von lang bis super steil, von Teenie-Spass bis Baby-Hügel. Sonntags ab 13:30 kostenloser Verleih von Schlitten, Rutschern und anderem Wintersportgerät durch die Stadt München –  Abt. Freizeitsport.  //  All tourists and Munich visitors who wanna go by sleigh but did not bring own gear: each Sunday free sleigh rental to public offered by the city of Munich in Ostpark, U5 Michaelibad. Feels like St. Moritz, only much cheaper.)


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