Doing Nothing All Day.

Each year the holiday season sets like a soft warm cloud on the western world, we get sentimental and with full bellies indulge in doing nothing all day the latest by 26th of December. It reminds me the feeling you get when sleeping in cinemas. A much practiced hobby of mine described better in one of my favourite Lieblings posts here. And, yes, I am shooting movies for a living. Still, a bit of doing nothing and living in a cloud in cinemas or real life can’t hurt anybody, no?

It creates fresh unused brainspace for exploring.

Having shot the trailer last year in Israel, I will go in production for a documentary about this freedom to use your brain. The film is called Doing Nothing All Day. It’s a movie about democratic education. Check their homepage, have a peek in to their great Super8 participation project which will be part of the finished film.

On the images you can see the Beaulieu of my father, which I am using now here and there mainly for documentary and experimental projects. Movie trailers of some of my S8 work to be found here.

2 thoughts on “Doing Nothing All Day.

  1. My “doing nothingness” starts tomorrow – and lasts several days, and I feel so lucky for it!

    Gorgeous camera photos.

    Enjoy your Holiday. much love, T

    • I can only imagine how much needed this “doing nothingness” is and how much you deserve it! Well: have fun whilst doing nothing! And make sure to pick some gummy bears … we put them on the tree (stuuuuuupid…) rather than in the mouth as you can see here – Happy Holidays!!

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