USA and Germany – spot five differences.

When a while back a friend from the US gave me a travel guide named something like “Europe in 10 days“, I could not stop laughing skipping through the one page written about Germany. I quote from memory something like “…the only people on this planet who manage to work 10 months a year only but get paid 13…”

Oh, which is true! did I forget to mention??

A bit later I got the pretty funny “Lesbian or German Lady” link in my hands.  It’s a take on the “Gay or Eurotrash” game of similar make. the makers of Blair magazine headed to Liberty Island to explore their own country folks and spot some Germans.

The biggest difference between Germany and the US, however, I spotted today. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong! Check out this  .de and .com sites of the same company and let me know what you think.

Fellow Germans! Maybe mail the site owner WECK and let them know it’s embarrassing, ok!?


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