Generation 60+ is Blogging

For Christmas I setup my mum a Blog.

Being born one year after WWII in a destroyed German village occupied by the French, in my mum’s Volksschule there was only one boy who went to study. My mum learned to be a lawyers secretary. She took shorthand dictations and typed them out. The lawyer was closing reparative claims of Jewish families. With Mannheim being one of the largest communities before the war, there was plenty of work.

Still, the lawyers wife had other plans for my mum. “Ingrid, you are such a smart girl, you got to study.” She said and off to Telekolleg lessons my mum went: TV-lessons each evening. Math, English, German, physics, chemistry, geography… and exams on weekends. After three years she held her highschool degree in hands, went to study social pedagogy at University of  Applied Sciences first and teaching after.

A long and happy life as a highschool and primary school teacher followed. house, two kids, one divorce. Various projects teaching alphabetization and German second language for adults, organizing childcare accompanied courses especially for female migrants. In the 80ies no one thought of things like that in the small town of Neustadt we lived in.

In 2007 she decided to retire – only to follow her passion: painting.

Many of her friends do that. They’re starting a country stuffed with writing doctors, sculpturing architects, photographing doctors.

I saw some of the pensionistas-gang’s works…many people look at it and go “oh, no arts-academy background” but things like Dieter Sachs’ sculptures or Ingrid Kurz’ paintings can totally keep up.

Now, they will have to reach out to the world. They will have to let us see, let us feel, let us be part. Tell us, show us, get your work on those Blogs and in to the world!


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