“Mir han jetzad an Navi für Kairo.”


Blog gurus keep whipping it in to your brain: Never ever choose headlines that DO NOT relate to the blurb you write after. Never.

But both those two middle-aged working class women from German Saar-Lorraine and the conversation they had were to silly to tempting and to untranslatable to not give those girls and their chat a special spot right up there.

So, no, I am not in Cairo.
I am in London. Visiting an old friend from Melbourne, whom I miss a lot since living in Europe. And meeting again my St.Petersburg highschool exchange whom I have not seen in…hm…20 years?!

You might have read before I hate traveling, but love airports.
Yep. And on with the love it goes when I hop in the plane. Mainly coz of the multiple  observation options in a very limited space. This time, a glorious couple. Like sprung from a feminist French book. Fleshly, flashy&vibrant. Sexy&hot. Intellectual&creative looking.
I’m collecting some queer amazing-people footage for Cheryl Dunye‘s  Mommy is Coming which I shot last summer in Berlin. Could I really walk up to those ladies and tell them: “You look gorgeous.  International and ethnic. And you’re speaking accent free German! Perfect! – Would you mind if you just go on with your trip and I start filming you a bit?”
Yes, I did study documentary film making and yes,  people who know me would probably not call me a shy person…but GOSH! I am shy.. well a bit at least. And sometimes.

My Melbourne friend looks better than ever. I can hear her hop in a car outside. She’s got a car! And she’s driving to set. So cool. Means she is in real movies who actually yes make you a comfy living. I remember driving together when she was on L plates.



2 thoughts on ““Mir han jetzad an Navi für Kairo.”

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