European Union Microchip Passport? – You belong to the chosen people!

Arriving at the London airport a friendly border control person held up a huge plate. Passport-colorish with a strange sign at the bottom.

Over 18 and Micro-Chip Passport here Please!

The sign-man was yelling out. It sounded like someone announcing a movie title or theatre play. Micro chip passport. Outsch…
Over there in the micro-chip section some grey looking skinny young people out of breath rushed through the waiting area and on to a machine, that looked like the offspring of a drunk night, where a space-ship and a subway entrance had a fling. Sound-effects could be heard: trap trap trap from the running of the hurrying, a silent plastic pt or even only bt or bd from the micro-chip passports being placed, slapped, laid, inserted in to and on to this machines and an entire orchestra of sci-fi movie sounds when the glass gates opened with a large whooooosh, cracked in their hinges metallic and closed with a smooth hydraulic zsshhhh. Tap Tap Tap…off the cool people ran.

The over 18 micro chip here please man kept yelling his offers in the far.

Next to me, the bold and short father of an extended Indian* family started talking to me:

{*Yes, I often meet Indians on my travels – especially when I am missing planes, look up from my laptop wondering where all those Bavarians went and what 400 Indians want in Munich…}

Oh, look at you. You are chosen. Go on. You have it. You are lucky. You can go there.

Only strong German accent is cooler than heavy Indian speech, no?

I looked at him. I looked at what he was looking at with his curring Indian smile:
In my hands I held a perfect European-Union-Over-18-Micro-Chip Passport.
I was chosen. My eyes wandered over to the spaceship-subway offspring again.
It eats people, I thought to myself, and smiled back at the short Indian man and his family.

The line in front of me was not to bad.
The border control lady looked tired, but seemed to be perfectly human to me.

Maybe I am getting old, but oh, people, how much do I prefer you above spaceship-offsprings!


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