What is a WOW! Talk?

During the Burning Ice Festival number 4, the Changing Tents try to find a cultural response to climate change. A link collection leading you to information about the Kaaitheater and the curators radical_hope you can find here. – In the Performance Tent, you can watch, listen and create. Tent holder is Munich based artist Christiane Huber. She organizes besides other events short speeches there: WOW! Talks.

WOW! Talks are a condensed summary about a vision, an idea, a subject or a theme. They are limited to 16 minutes of length similar to the famous TED speeches by Bill Clinton, Larry Page and Bill Gates. Like  TED’s “ideas worth spreading” WOW! Talks give inspiration. A nudge to a new World of Wonder.

Basis in the spatial setup of Huber’s WOW! Talks are projections of all speakers, screened as a loop in the background. This is why I am here. For those loops Christiane goes with each speaker on an inner journey, a search for his or her moment of inspiration.

What becomes very much alive in a performance, needs to be spiced up for the internet. So I decided to give you a small insight in the loops I am shooting by creating a split-screen montage.

Credits WOW! Talk

concept&idea | Zoltán A. Gál, Christiane Huber
realisation | Christiane Huber
loops | Christiane Huber {director, interviewer}
loops | Sanne Kurz {cinematographer, editor}
technical setup | Herman Venderickx

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