Will Work for Free.

That is no news for film people. Especially for DPs like myself. Even when you do some good work. Or especially when you do some good work.

A while back I collected all those little ads looking for cinematographers, having no pay for us and asking kindly to bring our gear along as well. I found eight in one week. – “Oh and we have great food!”

Maybe I got to add here that I am living of very very very small budget productions. So low and no budget, you ought to invent a new word for it! How do you like Micro-Budget?!

A little later, after I passed the pitch of disliking being exploited for nothing and asking others to join me on the ride, I met Elizabeth from Will Work for Free. Just before I went off with a good friend of mine to the Burning Ice festival, announcing in 2011 “rehearsals for a changing world” (images here). Being all for social change, including questioning of values, economy, paid and unpaid work, this festival shook my mind.

I think I would consider working for free now more often, despite the fact I am neither rich nor making millions.

Elizabeth from Will Work for Free invited me kindly to do a guest post for her. So if you wanna read all about what twisted my mind, head over at Will Work for Free and have a read about my experiences @Burning Ice #4.


2 thoughts on “Will Work for Free.

  1. Sanne,

    I like the idea of “open source” media projects, there are interesting possibilites and those committed to a project can make money or benefit collaterally but ideas on Open Video need to be mapped out in such a way, like with the Will Work for Free idea, that gives media the opportunity to form a new practice in a new industry. The tangled web of traditional modus operandi is stifling and giving its best shot at forcing a square peg into a round hole. We’ve got opportunities for a revived milieu in media making but it wont come together until all ideas achieve some sort of syndication.

    Rups 😉

  2. Heya Rupert,
    thanks for your comment.
    Having shot a social spot all weekend – a thing commonly done for free by participants – I am wondering, if you don’t think new ways of media making need new ways of living.
    Hence: expensive cities like Munich with no affordable space for makers and creators (artists?) to make, create AND live with their families vs. low landprice / low rent cities with affordable creation and living space.
    Do we need community based living spaces like the Westbeth in NY?
    What do you think what it needs?

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