The Green Sustainability Wave Is Sweeping Through the Country

Brussels is the capital of Europe, Well at least of the European Union it is. How much the EU is Europe, that’s not quite sure. Members of the European parliament commute twice a month from Strasbourg, its main base of the EU parliament, to Brussels, the domicile of EU government and administration. A lot of more or less relevant politicians are pushed through the gates of the two Brussels airports every day. Companies know that. And they know that green sells better than ever.

ABB asks “Cities that consume 30% less energy?” and answers before you can finish your breath “Certainly.”, Siemens is “Committed to a Greener, Sustainable Future” and even ExxonMobile (wait, weren’t those the guys with the oil tanker disaster in 1989?) even those guys though start to claim they always were looking for alternative fuels adding a  “now we even listen for it”.

Umicore (“materials for a better life”) wanna sell us their “Clean Technologies for a Sustainable Future” and Electrabel – an electricity company running a nuclear power plant – has the (seriously impressive) idea to show us with an infrared camera the energy we produce with the sheer heat of our bodies rushing through Brussels airport. Cool. – Well: Hot, in this case.

Can you believe how relieved I was to see between all those live and world saving companies a good old honest Mercedes ad? It was an ad held entirely in green and they did start to list  the Carbon/100km next to the horse power.

But at least: they still try to not trick us, they just put a big fat Mercedes E-Class on the picture.

All quotes are quoted from advertisement banners in Brussels airport. Links to the world saving and live saving companies mentioned in the article – in case you wanna invest in unbelievably responsible stocks – are here:

Electrabel, ABB (Power and Productivity for a Better World),  Siemens attacks the world-saviour-ship on two fronts here and here (they are Germans, no-one would think they would fight on less than two fronts!), ExxonMobile bathing in algae here, Umicore spoiling us here and last not least my fellow countrymen from Mercedes here.


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