I Love Dirt on my Feet

This post is for my friend from aenniemal, who first drew my attention to well renown photographers taking stills of twins. On her site it was that I saw Diane Arbus’ famous twins.

stealing souls for cash, where I followed up my search, had a lovely collection on photographers taking impressive stills of twins.

But a week back, I discovered the eternal joy. Not only about twin-photography. The Stadtmuseum Munich had an exhibition on about Roger Ballen,  the photographer, who is famous for his intense portraits from South-Africa. Portraits of Transval Dorps (villages) as well as from the Platteland (Flat Lands), from the eve of the end of Apartheid and from poverty carved in to faces and hearts. Humans with seemingly no future, the White Trash of the Kap’s green landscapes. This one I love a lot as well:

Two great interviews with Roger Ballen you can find here and here.  – A great overview all across his work you find here, shopping for some prints of Roger Ballen you can go here. And the exhibition in Stadtmuseum Munich runs till Sunday, 27th of February 2011.

Last not least, let me introduce you to Eugene on the phone, shot in 2000, from the series Outland. Don’t you just love the dirt on her feet?


2 thoughts on “I Love Dirt on my Feet

  1. Whoa! When I see the pictures of the downs syndrome children my heart aches. But i know the expressions on their faces. They are so removed from our existence & yet so integral.

    • Are you talking about the girls? The twins? There are some adult images of the same two sisters to find on the net, when you google for Arbus-Twins you should find them…they are perfectly normal women – Diane Arbus was the one making this expression stick out of the crowd and reach out to us in this very special way.

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