A House Moribund

The European High Court announced yesterday in a brief statement of only 8 pages the illegality of different payments for insurance-plans for men and women (women in Germany paid much higher private health insurance and private retirement plans but less car insurance fees), my private life took in the last weeks some rather unsettling turns (but the path seems to straighten out sooner or later as paths do) and as the usual freelancer does from time to time, I am chasing some payments in my work-life.

All this happening on a very sunny spring day, I was cycling a lot. And could not resist, to step in to a house, inhabited for long by commercial and private tenants. Bathing in the sun. Running a small kiosk.

It’s only 6am here, the first birds came back from Africa (strange that they aren’t cold at 6am) and keep singing outside. It’s going to be a nice day. I’ll cycle.

…and the strange view from inside to the world out there:

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Oh, and there is the outside world as well of it. It was a sunny day indeed.


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