Homepages for Silver Surfers going well.

My second career, making homepages, found a sparking peak late 2010. Making an artist portfolio for a lady who had passed her teenage times decades ago, I not only designed and made a functioning homepage for her, I as well gave her a personal workshop with an easy and brief introduction to her own site and how to run and update it.

From staring at her grandkids with a

“How can I attach a picture to an email??”

– question marks trembling in her eyes, to a confident

“I maintain my homepage all by myself.”

Today her site’s design is featured as one of three featured sites out of over 37.000 pages using the lovely WordPress template Oulipo by A. Mignolo. Well done, Ingrid! You certainly are the coolest Mama and Oma one could have.

One thought on “Homepages for Silver Surfers going well.

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