5 Easy Steps To Minimize Your Amount Of Facebook Friends

As some of you might know, I am working as a cinematographer. I’d describe myself as a pretty open and friendly as well as fairly chatty person – thus: I do tend to get in touch with lots of people.

I encounter them at work (sometimes only one person, sometimes 50 or 100 – extras, crew, talent – you name it)…

…I encounter them whilst travelling, in the subway, in the train or simply on the street.

Over the last years, each and everyone you meet here and there will Facebook-friend you. Which is not bad as such. I like to write, love to exchange, to stay in touch, to hear how people are going. I feel rude when I click “no” and do remember this person worked on the same production, our kids went to school together or they are highschool friends – even though I might have never had much in common with them.

I do really like to hear from time to time from long-lost friends – so I think Facebook is great! – But I somehow can not face the fact to ignore close to 1000 Facebook friends  permanently – and therefore, from time to time, I do clean up.

  1. Take time, take a cup of coffee or two and put up your feet. – This will take time.
  2. Check mutual friends and interests as well as messages to remember, how you might be connected.
  3. Check your e-mails and cross-check with your Facebook friends e-mail address. It’ll help to find out, you actually never emailed each other or someone only ever sent you spam.
  4. Look at pictures. Erase those you think you know and you guess you remember where from. In case you can not recognize them any more at all, you would also not greet them on the street, no?
  5. Last not least: be brave and erase all those, you actually never liked anyway.

It starts to be tricky, when you want to erase the spouse (you never met) of a good friend (Why did you never introduce us in person?) or the class mates of your kids (Why did your mum just Facebook de-friend me?)…and there are doubtlessly even people I met online and they became true friends.

The most lovely side effect of cleaning up your Facebook account is, however,  to get in touch with those you really want to talk to…those hidden behind the weeds of shallowness, peeking out between friend number 892 and 894…your really truly long-lost friends you care about.


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