A Child Flew Through The Air.


  Our garden was glistening. Flashy fluttering green all around me, bumblebees humming loud as lorry sounds. It’s the noise of high noon in the jungle. I lie down and listen. Fall a sleep. Enjoy the nap. Later the same day I cycle to a celebration. a heavy juicy watermelon accompanies me, round and lazy on my bike rack, fat and humble.

Do you like to sink your teeth deeply in to the red watery flesh as much as I do?

When I tried to cross the street do drop of the recycling garbage, dangling on my handle bar, a child crossed the road. It held a badminton racquet and had a hat on. A car hit the kid. It flew through the air. There was some blood on the boy. He cried for his mother. I collected the toys he lost.

Seen from now, it was almost surreal. Strange, how fast we humans can be dead, no?


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