Berlin Seen Through The Eyes Of My Child.

Being 15, he’s kind of not a child any more. Not really grown up either. Being in limbo between the here and the there, I took the teen to Berlin, where our movie not far from me had its cast and crew screening last Monday. He took pictures. They tought me he does not see what I see.

All images taken and copyrighted by Tim Kurz.

3 thoughts on “Berlin Seen Through The Eyes Of My Child.

  1. We all construct reality according to our own values, beliefs, and ideologies. That is why mass media, such as photography, opens windows into other worlds and experiences. Love the two shots of wall art – really captured the diversity of the place.

    • Hey, elmediat,
      I had a peak in to your pages – very interesting things you are doing. Your students must consider themselves lucky.
      The images taken by Tim were indeed like a breeze of wind, pushing open a window for me – to look in to his reality…
      Thanks for commenting!

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