Guest Post @Run for Cover

The Run For Cover corner @Dehne Lima Film kindly asked me kindly this month to contribute a guest post to their platform. Run For Cover features thoughts on cinema and film making, accompanied by the fun&fast to read 2×2: 2 questions, 2 answers.

You can read my full article about Claire Denis and the Director-Cinematographer Relationship here.

Or sniff first this snippet:

Being only 18, still at highschool and screening movies on 16mm on weekends, I had no idea about a director-cinematographer relationship. In fact, I had not a clue about a directors and/or cinematographers job.  At all. The German “Regie” for directing stems from Latin regere, same word the English reign originates from. So somehow, I understood, this person must be the boss. A cinematographer – in German Kameramann – however, easy as: he must be dealing with the camera and he must certainly be a man, otherwise he would be a Kamerafrau…or wait: she, obviously. Lost in translation and being the confused video tape watching teenager that I was, the idea of a producer, who pays the lot and holds his head under the guillotine if something goes wrong, was still totally unknown to me.


Oliver Stapelton, BSC, calmed in his remarkable Q&A collection ’So you wanna work in movies?’ a young fellow when being asked Will my DP want to kill me?’ that he had never ‘heard of Director/DP homicide case – so you may be OK’.


If you stumbled upon this and got – like me in 1994 – no idea what a cinematographer actually is or does, read here what Wikipedia thinks about that… If you are not on the run, however, and wanna find out more about director/DP relationships, get some facts, movie titles and watch some trailers – check here.

Oh, I just saw: Does Hitchcock have the same cheeks I got?!?…Hm…




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