First Girl. First Smoke. First Time.

I grew up with it. My family running for over 180 years a wooden carousel, the lights, the sounds of creaking wood, the yelling of the happy kids, the teens in the evening on the last warm days of the year. Later, they bought a bumper car business, old dodgem cars in vintage look and 70ies style. I loved it. I even made a film about it back at film school.

When we visited my family last weekend,  it all came back: The Kerwe or Kermesse with those 13-year-old village kids trying to look like James Dean and  smoking their first cigarette, 15-year-olds meeting their first girl, old couples with drunk husbands, laughter and clouds of hormones in the air. It feelt like a night out with Dylan Thomas.

When I made the film, I spent in this world an entire summer. What a bummer it was when in 2001 I realised that  another film used “our” music, ‘coz we did not purchase the exclusive rights and on top of that only owned the non-commercial rights for use in festivals and at filmschool… yep… Amélie “stole” it! “Our” music! What used to be in 1998 a secret hint of my editor who lived in Paris for over twelve years became over night world-famous and the wonderful music by Yann Thiersen suddenly was the wonderful music from Mademoiselle Poulain. Fair enough.

The carousel has been sold, the 180 year family tradition has finished. It’s autumn. All things come to an end.

But the sun is shining bright in Germany’s south these days and if you’d like to see, hear, smell and taste yourself, come to Neustadt this weekend!

The German Wine Festival  is the world’s  second largest festival dedicated to wine. It’s celebrated during the main harvest time in Neustadt/Weinstraße and features next to traditional joys of fun fairs such as ferris wheel and chair-o-planes a small village of timber framed houses  Food and Federweisser – the new wine of the harvest season, just about to ferment from grape juice to real wine.

The festival starts with a colorful parade featuring traditional clothing and music as well as comments on current affairs and world  politics in a caricature style with beautifully designed waggons and costumed town folks. The local name is Deutsches Weinlesefest and it runs each year for 14 days around the first and the second weekend in October in 2011 till the 10th. More info here.




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