“An attic is upright, a garret is in a sloping roof.”

I love language. Angst and fear, attics and garrets…people trying to explain differences and similarities. Years of highschool English studies I’ve been waiting to find a collective noun for knives, spoons and forks – such as our German Besteck. The Aussies had it sitting there for me, ready for take away: cutlery. Ah!

Anyway. The German word for attic  is Dachboden. Which means ‘roof-floor’, describing rather the structures foundation than the storage space. Interesting, no?

So today, I made one. A ‘roof-floor’. For all those who have been strolling already through my favourite articles, the Lieblingsposts  linked to on the right. And for all those who like to rummage in, forage through and fossick for something or nothing.

You can find the Dachboden at the very bottom on the far right column….I might call it archives soon, coz the attic thin is to complicated in the end maybe perhaps yes no?!


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