On a Coffee Table: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich

I went today to look at the city I live in. It’s a strange city. 1.3 million people in one place and still a feel as if you’re in a small town.

Livingroom Germany: My town neatly sitting with its older siblings at the coffee table, bib tidily tucked under the well-fed chin. Berlin, sitting opposite at the head of the table, has done it again…painted the entire table-cloth with organic elderberry juice. Frankfurt to the right keeps texting under the table – as if Mum would not see that… Hamburg is never home anyway…didn’t they open their own country? And to Cologne you can never talk…always got her headphones on…stupid girl. Munich is happily tucking in hedgehog slices, Black Forest cake  and cupcakes from the other’s plates. The Bavarian cream makes almost anything go down easily. The flushy rosy cheeks are bouncing up and down so happyly she chews. Dapper but not busy and probably calling its own 50ies hairdo spruce. Trimmed to fit all who are well-kept. Wishing to be soingné, handsome and nifty. Proper. You can see those cheeks glowing. Especially on a sunny November day like this. Can you tell I made my peace with this place?

Still here? Wanna see the images the old lady took? Go here. Wanna look at other cities? Check Berlin here, my hometown here and Indian cities here.


6 thoughts on “On a Coffee Table: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich

  1. Munich.
    Well, for the first fourteen years after I moved here it was Giesing, a quarter 10 minutes off the centre, which was founded as a small village almost 400 years before Munich. After decades outside the city walls Giesing was swallowed by Munich in 1854 – it has still it’s own football club though, “1860”. Giesing is a very green working class quarter. Born and bread in the Palatinate at the Rhine, I felt at home there from day one. – With Munich it took a while.
    And (I read you are from Australia) – coming back from my to short time studying in Melbourne, it was extra hard to get used to the Munich vibe again…

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