Rose Hips and Ivy

It’s freezing cold in our no-proper-heating house. Unless you chop wood, start a fire and got patience. Still winter’s a great time here. What a perfect excuse to tuck in under thick layers of woolen blankets, pamper your legs with eiderdown quilts and snuggle in heavy duvets.

We took a Saturday off to bake with friends a lovely day and night long. And we made a wreath for Advent from the rosehips in our garden. When the snow’s coming, I’ll put them outside again for the birds.

5 thoughts on “Rose Hips and Ivy

  1. Beautiful photography as always Miss Sanne. This story reminds me of our conversation on the set of The Band about rose hips. We had to search our brains for the right English word because you knew the German only and we were all stupid!

    • Mister Pawsey, guess why I picked this title?! It was an amazing two days of brain tackle! And lucky not everybody had i-phones back than to simply look up German Wikipedia for Hagebutte and following the link to English Wiki find Rose Hip …would have been so much more boring!!
      – I do admit I had to look up again if spelled in one word or two…
      It’s snowing today for the first time! All my love to you and your family down there in the sun!

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