Willie Doherty and the blue hour by Brian Ferry

A while back, my graduation film 1, 2, 3 ran at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Strolling the lovely Edinburgh alley ways, I discovered The Fruitmarket Gallery. They showed the works of an artist, whose exhibition I’d missed in Kunstbau, Munich. The disturbing emptiness in the dark room of projection pulled me right in to this strange mood, where you feel threatened and scared and you do not know why.

Buried, one of the works, very fast makes you think you visit a crime scene. Each thread on a branch, each dash of color, each moss-covered stone seems to be proof for what your own mind is playing on you. And you feel you are there.

Willie Doherty was the artist, whose work I learned to love there, in Edinburgh. You best check the list here or here for a collection near you, who holds his work. – The presentation, the atmosphere in a dark room, the quality is not comparable to the Net, when you really want to experience what I experienced there and feel something.

Willie Doherty has been nominated twice for the Turner Price. But he is not coming any close to the cliché you might have of what a Turner Prize nominee might look like. Doherty is coming across like the guy next door. And still, what he’s got to say is far from boring. Read a great interview here for the Journal of Contemporary Art.

Two interviews to watch are right here:

– Willie Doherty profile for the Channel4 ideas factory website
– Willie Doherty at The Fruitmarket Gallery

Why I remember all this now, in rainy Munich January? I got some sunlight sent from the blue hour. A blog I can only recommend subscribing to. Each day, sometimes only weekly, some strange puff of sweetness and light floods on to my work desk with Brian Ferry’s photographs.

the blue hour showed me these days forests, I remembered from Willie Doherty’s work. Same trees, different light. Sunny and luminous, but still as weird and wonderful as Doherty’s landscapes.


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