Somebody That I Used To Know: Five Musicians, One Guitar – Walk Off The Earth Cover Gotye

This is for Gil, she showed it to me. And when I heard it on the radio today, I did not have her number to text her and let her know. I only realized after skipping for a while through my cell phone book.
Not being able to use my phone to show my affection was probably a good thing: I was driving on the German highway, yep, no speed limits, and there was plenty of snow on the road…
I survived, I’m still thinking of you and I promise next time I’ll leave the fingers off the phone.

Enjoy these five guys on one guitar.

You’d like to see the original and compare the Gotye cover by Walk Off The Earth to other covers of the same song? Check this post.


2 thoughts on “Somebody That I Used To Know: Five Musicians, One Guitar – Walk Off The Earth Cover Gotye

    • It’s amazing what comes out of a great song, when the writers allow others to play with it, itsn’t it??
      As a cinematographer, I often encounter debates of copyright infringement and – I got to say, I’m very much going with Jean Luc Godard on that one. I wrote about his quote “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” a small piece here

      In the union representing me, the German honorous society of cinematography, I’m having a very lone stand with that opinion and it makes me not the most popular person 🙂 … and I do realize I’m saying here: “Yes, please take my stuff and make something amazing from it. But please credit me and link back.”

      We’re spoiled in Germany with getting payments for every tiny mark we leave for years. I used to work as a TV journalist and still get some Euros here and there for a few words I wrote over 10 years ago…

      So all of these covers coming to a new life now and shining all across the net right now: I’m loving it!!
      Thanks for the link and your comment!

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