Life, Love and other Fun Stuff.

They love, they dance, they laugh, they shop. They fight about Bush and Obama, Tarot and Haloimes. They trust each other with their life, they got little secrets, they’re wearing matching clothes. They live in Sydney, they are born in Romania, they are both called Rodica. Cute and tough, tall and short, they  both celebrated their 80th birthday quite a while ago. And still they are so full of life in this ‘intimate, character-driven documentary’ (imdb) by actor and director Alice Gruia.

The audience loved the film. We laughed and cried with them. We hope to be able to share this film soon with you, as well as with our friends and families.

Vote on imdb for this film
. Get in touch if you are a distributor here (the crowd shall praise you). Look at some stills and meet the director on the official homepage of Rodicas here. Become a Rodicas Facebook fan here.

Last not least: Das sagt der Tagesspiegel Berlin hier

Emigration und Heimat, tote Ehemänner und lebendige Präsidenten, Eisessen und Handlesen – ein charmanter, warmherziger, humorvoller Film.

(Only for des Deutschen mächtige. Yep, Goethe-Institut is offering courses – I should get a nice commission for sending people over this frequently… Should you ‘donno German’ just yet, but be interested in Swiss/German/Austrian culture, arts, theatre, society and festivals, Sign and Sight is the page for you to be. It’s delivering a daily press review of the German language feuilletons of all main papers and magazines.

As by today, this hidden gem does not have a distributor yet. So don’t miss your last chance to see this film! Today at 20:30 in CinemaxX3 and Tuesday @18:30, in the supplement screenings of Berlinale – Perspektive Deutsches Kino @ Filmmuseum Potsdam. Program of the Potsdam Perspektive screenings here.


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