A Night for a Child

I’m shooting in Berlin where living space is cheap, ceilings are high and walls are thin.

It’s 20 minutes past midnight. From time to time a night train zooms past and leaves a silent wind in the air.
In the room next to ma a very small child is crying…the mother woke up now as well.
It must be a year old or perhaps two?!
My kids are too old to cry at night.
You SO wanna go there and hold it and cuddle up to it…
The female voice in the other apartment first tried to calm the crying and now screams “Ruhe“.
The child cries harder.
You can not scream at a child 20 past midnight. Do you yourself wanna be screamed at when you wake up in the middle of the night? Probably not. Do not scream at a crying child after midnight.
…it can barely breathe from the snot in his nose from crying…
I so wish I could help.
Can I?

Now there goes a door.
And there is a noise.
A rumble.
A rattle.

And than: silence.
Good Night.


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