Pup Pok. @Components – Creative Minds and Social Media.

I have not seen her in a while. I forgot where she is, lives and works right now. I well remember her face. Components by  Munich based photographer Simone Naumann is such a lovely project, so light and easy, but yet with tightly woven structure, that I mailed it out to many many people. I lost track to whom. And than, I saw her again. The “digital image” as part of a “physical picture” is what Simone Naumann promises in her work. I’m not sure that she thought of a meta-physical as well.

Many people from all over the globe took part in components. And still take part. The image grows. You can stroll down the memory lane in Components, you can search by country or find writers or painters. No PR, no self-selling, no biographies. A one liner as simple as brief, a head shot, the occupation, place and date. And a link, to discover more about each and anyone who caught your eye.

My friend  Pup Pok sat right there. With her hat. And her long hair, brown or grey. Impossible to tell if she has a moustache. She said:

Im Wald begegne ich einemWolf,  in seinem Maul liegen alle meine geliebten Menschen. Ich klettere ins Maul des Wolfes und flüstere ihm zu: “Die Trennung von ihnen kann ich nicht rückgängig machen, ich kann sie nur für mich nutzen. Also richte ich mich auf und nehme ihn mit auf meinen Weg.

I’ll try to make that an English one – but some double meanings will be lost:

In the forest I encounter a wolf, in his mouth lying all my beloved people. I climb in the wolf’s mouth and whisper to him: “The separation from them I can not turn back. I can only use it for me.” So I straightened up and took him with me on my way.

How much I enjoy to browse briefly all new faces and thoughts and ideas of the fast growing crowd each evening! Will I meet people there I lost a long way back? If yes, I can straighten up and take the wolf with me on my way.

Components – Creative Minds and Social Media by Simone Naumann is a project open to each and every one. Wanna be part of it? This is how it works:

  1. Send a portrait of yourself to  components@simone-naumann.com
  2. Add a one liner / favourite quote / motto / inspiration
  3. Add your link you would like to promote / your profile on social media / website / blog
  4. Add place and country you are living in right now and/or call home

All images sent in will be part of a larger image. All content will be published on the Components blog which is a searchable public data base.
Read more about Simone Naumann’s Components here.
Find people from all over the globe who contributed already here.
Browse the crowd and watch the daily growing header image of Components here.

Oh and drop me a line when you got in! I’m super curious to see your contribution!

Image of Pup Pok ©Pup Pok. Components ©Simone Naumann.


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