I’m in China.

As by yesterday eve, my computer started telling me, I’m in China.

My online email service agrees: China, Mademoiselle Kurz, China it is what you see outside your window! Apparently I’m in Chengdu, in Sichuan. The food must be great here. I wonder how I got here, I can not remember. Since nobody speaks Chinese around me, and I can not even find Chinese on the street…

(Wait! Yes! There were two Asians at the train station yesterday!  I should have asked them and inquired about my new home town – Chengdu…but than: how embarrassing would it have been had it turned out they are in fact Korean or Taiwanese…or Asian-American tourists…)

… I looked my location up on Googlemaps: Chengdu, Sichuan, China. 成都.

It looks like a star with many roads leading to it and two ring roads protecting the inner part of town. Would it be in Europe, I’d suspect some medieval town-wall ongoings there…

Wikipedia knows more about my location. The western European surprise effects sets in, as I realize, this town is home to 14 million people and I’ve never heard of it…is being bad at geography at school a good excuse for that? Or am I simply a boring Euro-centric person?
‘importance as a gathering place for ancient people for at least four thousand years’ tells me Wikipedia…so about 2000 years bc – well, that shifts things far beyond my narrow-minded horizon of medieval / roman / before or post WWII – which are the categories we in Europe often sort history by…

I’ll venture out now of my house, and look carefully around to not miss any Chinese on the road. Perhaps my computer changed its mind in the evening and even my Web-based mail service does not suspect me in China any more. – So I better hurry up and enjoy my Chinese day.


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