We Proudly Check 100.000 Emails a Day.

Now: would they be the postal service, and transport 5 times more mail than last year, they’d be celebrated for sure. But they are the Federal Information Agency of Germany. And they do not transport, they check. 37 million emails a year, over 100.000 a day. Given the fact that we got roughly 80 million citizens in this country…that makes…ah…they read twice a year a mail of any given citizen?! Statistically, I mean.

The figure arose in the news this week, when the parliamentarian control organ of our baby version of the CIA gave a report. The man on the left there, Gerhard Schindler, has a degree in administrative law. He does look like a nice guy. The photographer even made the effort to set up some lights and choose a background in very serious, but not to scary tones…

Further more, the German intelligence is located in a tiny village near Munich: Pullach. It’s more funny when you know that pullern is baby-language for to pee and that Pullach is mainly famous for a beergarden located there.

But than: BND – our agency – does unlike the CIA not have a kids page. Is German intelligence to scary for kids? Or is it scary US American kids are invited to play catch me control me and spy?! (Can’t belive it? Yes, they DO have a kids page…check here…believe it or not, my (German) son introduced me to it…)

Hm…should I stop sending emails now? Or simply replace any of the 13.000 tag words checked by our agency with code-names of different…different….let’s say: flowers?!

It would lead to an entirely new understanding of our flora and people would start knowing the Latin names of all these flowers again! Yeah!
‘nough said! Off to learn Latin terms for plants. See ya!


2 thoughts on “We Proudly Check 100.000 Emails a Day.

  1. Sorry for being nerd…)
    ” 37 million emails a year, over 100.000 a day. Given the fact that we got roughly 80 million citizens in this country” –> will make it actually 0.5 mail per year for average citizen, or one email in two years.

    CIA kids page is pretty cool for me, but the most interesting thing is… where do whey get this data… Any ideas?

  2. Ok ok… 0,5 Mails per year per citizen – but than: all people above 65 and below 15 barely do mail – in my family that is. So if those 3 get checked never – do I get checked up on 1.5 times??
    Jokes aside: we got in Germany a federal monitoring board to keep our version of mini-CIA under control… It’s a parliamentarian organisation, meaning that the members of this committee are all members of parliament and perform their job as part of their day-to-day parliamentarian work.
    As far as I know they’re getting their data by simply having access to the BND – our intelligence’s – admin paper work…we make lists in this country of everything we do…remember?!

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