An Open Letter to the Inflight Staff of El Al

Dear El Al flight attendants,

this is not a complaint, I like to fly with you. You are fast and friendly, only on Qantas I have better chats.

Just one little thing, after having had many passionate discussions with you, I got to say: I’m right, you are wrong:

There are no trains to and from Ben Gurion Airport 24/7. I’ve been stuck there many times. You keep telling me each time “Yes, but they changed that.” or “It might have been like that, but now it’s 24/7.” I’m telling you: it’s not. It’s 24/7 only in your dreams. Oh and in my dreams!

When I told you more specifically, that I got stuck there on Shabbat, you keep telling me “Yes, but we’re arriving long before Shabbat comes in. don’t worry.” I fall for it each time. I know we’re arriving long before sunset. But, please be aware next time:

The last train from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv on a Friday leaves Ben Gurion at 14:32.

If you come in any later, you got to line up with about two million other passengers in the (really well-organized, I got to say!) taxi line to have a cab hauled for you. Benefits are you enjoy a chat on the way with your cabbie. Little downer is, that a cab costs pretty much exactly 10 times as much as a train.

Shabbat Shalom everyone.


PS – And don’t get me wrong: I’m all for having a decent weekend! I come from a country where all employees enjoy even two free days per week. and a lovely four weeks of paid leave from work. But luckily, on weekends, some mercy train drivers in my country, who are not religious and have no family to spent the day with, do as the cab drivers do in Israel and take turns in working Saturdays and Sundays. They are simply taking two other days off.


For German Speakers there’s a pretty entertaining novel about flight attendants called “Die Saftschubse” by Annette Lies. You can find it in soft-cover or as e-book here.


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