Right now, I’m shooting in Tel Aviv. Always when I work abroad, I got to leave family and loved ones behind. I miss them and feel, that I’m sort of a failure. What does it help when I work for the rent to be paid, but nobody ever is at home to make the place I do rent actually be worthy to be called a home…

I’m sitting in my hotel, I get home late and leave early, and I feel usually pretty empty and useless. – Don’t get me wrong: I love working, I love to shoot and as soon as I’m actually on set, with my crew, with a camera in hands, a light in reach, with a story unfold in  front of me – I am probably even more than 100% content. And last not least this very love and passion for my work is what keeps me going.

But the hours off-work, when you’re in a foreign place however beautiful it might be, they can be deadly. And they’re such a waste of time, no?  – This time I’m trying to use this time in limbo, coz of what happened to me:

Amira crossed my path. She’s very sick. She’s very young. She lives in the Ukraine. When these three measures join it usually looks not so great for the individual. Amiras uncle is a close friend of mine from Tel Aviv. So far, we approached Berlin Hilft, a German organisation who’s collaborating with the  Helios Hospital Emil-von-Behring, Berlin. Karl-Georg Wellmann, a German CDU parliamentarian from Berlin Steglitz / Zehlendorf, who’s patron and initiator of Berlin Hilft, made the connection. We got fast and amazing response from Berlin Hilft. It’s my very first time dealing with a case like this one, I was stunned.
– You will read more on Amira’s story right here soon.

PS – This is Amira:


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