Almost 2, Living in Ukraine, Diagnosed with Cancer: What a Bitter Brew to Swallow.

It’s not much fun being confronted with sadness, poverty and disease on this planet, especially when you got you own little problems, are struggling with your own little life but are aware that compared to millions you are right up there in paradise.

Today it’s a month ago, that the daughter of friends of mine, Amira, got diagnosed with cancer. Amira turns two this summer and lives in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine. Leukemia is the disease the family is battling now, acute myeloid leukemia, AML.

One doesn’t actually have to know the details, and you instantly understand leukemia/toddler/Ukraine is not the worlds greatest combination for a happy and healthy life. In fact, it’s obvious, this girl will not make it alone. We got to jump on board and help.

Perhaps we can even create a push big enough to help many children with cancer in future, by raising awareness, getting people to register as bone-marrow donors, collecting funds and aid? Who knows. We’re only starting and Amira will have to go a long, long way.

We’re friends and family of Amira’s parents and we’re joining forces across currently three continents and many countries to help Amira win the battle.

You can help win! Like our Facebook Page, subscribe to Amira’s Blog, mail the Homepage to your friends speaking German, English, Ukrainian, Russian or Hebrew and help that way to build a community. With a strong network backing Amira’s recovery, we’ll start a fundraiser. If you prefer to donate now, you can do this here via PayPal. There’s also a detailed explanation on what you donations will be used for here. You can follow on Twitter and – last not least: email or share this article you’re reading now, by using the small buttons right under this post ↓

I am so often involved in fundraising for movies. When you can fund a film with a crowd, why not try to make a difference and cherish the life of a child with a crowd? Thanks for the help!


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