She Can Leap Tall Buildings

As you might have read already on my homepage, I’m with Cheryl Dunye’s Mommy is Coming at the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne – IFFF. It’s one of these festivals, where you actually can engage in meaningful conversations rather than racing from reception to reception throwing out business cards…I like…

And – YES – it’s a feminist festival. Is that old fashioned? Filling the role of a woman meant in the past giving up your career. Does it still mean that? Are we bad girls when we’re working or when we’re not working? When we give our kids in crèche or when we keep them at home?
For a cinematographer it’s tricky being female and having kids at the same time. We’re often out and about and we’re often not with our loved ones. The IFFF tries to promote female DPs with an award, which I was lucky enough to win in 2009.

I love the  IFFF and love coming here.

As a warm regard to all this Women and Mommies out there and as an hommage to all those Ladies who raised us, who held our hands at the bedside singing songs forever, who fed us and cleaned up after us when we were sick at night…
…here’s a great photo project, I discovered on Chicquero today. It’s Heidi Lender’s work about mothers, housewives, women. Can you see yourself there?


2 thoughts on “She Can Leap Tall Buildings

    • Yes, I agre. I have a Munich based artist friend, she worked in the past with paper-cut life size backgrounds on walls. But the Line drawings make it look much more “real” due to the abstraction.

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