Miss Munich.

15:02. I’m going to Herzliya for a shoot. By train only 7 minutes from Tel Aviv Merkaz, where I am subletting a place. Great!

Long lines of other travellers who like the fast and easy train transport in Israel block the ticket sales machines. My train leaves at 15:08. Turning to the empty counters, culling out my sparse Hebrew I’m asking for a return ticket to Herzliya. It’s ridiculously cheap. It’s 15:05 meantime. – The lady behind the counter turns the screen to me and points at the price. She does not look up from her iPhone, where she’s typing away on a SMS.

The train departs from platform 2, 15:08

she tells me without lifting her head from her text-message. I’m handing the accurately and exactly prepared amount for the ticket fee through the little hole in the glass. She keeps typing. I’m clearing loudly my throat to get attention. She’s erasing some part of her handcrafted text. I’m taking out my notebook and push the coins further towards her through the little hole. She turns to her colleague, shows her workmates the SMS, laughs and giggles. Her fingers are perfectly well manicured and of the extra long version. 15:06 passes. Luckily the print ticket button is on the way to chat with her colleagues. I’m running to my train. I miss Munich.

* Other peeks and perks from my Israel Travel-Diary, Spring 2012, you can find here:  Israelis and Highway-Toilet-Blocks – a Yellow Story | In Jenin a Dip Dive to the Westbank | Survive Swimming in Eilat: A Pool Occupation | On the Way back to Tel Aviv: There’s more to the Picture than Meets the Eye | Scoff Gossip about Israeli Train Station AttendantsWith women through WonderlandThe Tailor’s Wife – Another Travel Diary is from India, Spring 2010. You can find its articles starting from here.


13 thoughts on “Miss Munich.

    • Heya Roxyvespa / Kaie W. Bird!
      Nice to see you’re not mad at me, but understand 🙂
      Fingers crossed you can take your Vespa to your vacation, too!!
      Thanks for commenting,

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