The Tailor’s Wife.

The tailor, his wife and the tailor’s wife’s sister welcomed us in their little workshop in the small town of Zababdeh near Jenin. The family run business produces gowns and “mortarboard” caps for Israel and Palestine uni graduates as well as other hand-sown clothing and accessories. We learned their sons are called Henry, George and Albert. there’s an Abu Alfred in the family as well. Divine people in a peaceful little town full of flowers and olive trees, ancient Roman mosaics and ruins, four churches and two mosques, several amazing little street cafés and eateries, but next to no developed tourism. – To read more about Zababdeh, please scroll down.

Zababdeh has in 2012 a population of about 3500 people of which currently roughly 64% are Christians and 36% Muslims. Like almost each and every stone in the Middle-East Zababdeh is very old. It existed till the 7th century B.C. – After 10 centuries of abundance, the small “new” town of Zababdeh has been built in the 17th and 18th century on the ruins of the ancient place where people settled already in Roman times. We love both the Pizzeria Sababa as well as the Hummous place next to it at the  corner opposite an open field, right by the bottom end of the town. Another film team that has been working in Zababdeh wrote about it here. You can also see the Roman mosaics on their page. The municipality runs this official website, even though the main page is in Arabic, foreign visitors can find information about the population, education, health, income and economy, history as well as travel and tourism in English. You can also look at pictures from now and then in the official website’s gallery. Oh, and you can get in touch to inquire about all sort of things as well as to leave a note, that almost all links about Zababdeh featured on their page have not been updated in a while and are not working any more. Be assured you will get a lovely response – so far we met only Lately, the face of the village started to change at a fast pace, due to the Arab-American University of Jenin AAUJ, despite its name not in Jenin, but on a campus site only 2km from the centre of Zababdeh. Many of the 7000 Palestinian and Israeli-Arab students choose to live in the small town and bring new traditions, cultures and ideas as well as all the ups and downs of a fast growing population to the remote village. Oh and: at each street corner we met people connected to Germany! There’s a German journalist who’s from Zababdeh as well as a homepage about the village in German! Für die Deutsche Seite über Zababdeh bitte hier klicken.

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