Hand Made in Berlin

Travelling in Berlin earlier this year for Berlinale, Friedrichshain is as usually on my list. An old friend of mine introduced me to some secret gems, tiny shops often run by the artists who created the offered products.

Sentiment is such a gem. Sentiment is a gold smith and jewellery designer based in Berlin Friedrichshain. Classical German craftsmen mastership paired with the creative input from travel and journeyman years in Portugal and Spain culminating in a workshop.  In the cosy space you can see finished products and watch the artist Tintin create your ring, necklace, ear-ring, piercing jewellery or other piece you might like.

Why I’m writing this, when I usually do not take you on shopping tours?

Coz Tintin started to open her workshop and offers starting this summer to share her skills. Imagine making on a Europe trip your own little memory and learn how to create and design jewellery. Imagine living in Berlin and going to a creative workshop once a week after work. Imagine going with some colleagues to spend an evening not in a bar, but in a workshop. Imagine treating a friend with a birthday present: a voucher for a 1,2 hour or weekend course. – Imagine getting married and make your own wedding rings! – It’s such a truly amazing idea.

The jewellery making courses are incredibly flexible and individual: alone or in small groups of up to 3 people, minimum time 90 minutes, maximum time 6 weeks, minimum investment 15 Euros, maximum 120 Euros + material cost and off you go to own your very personal, self-made Hand Made in Berlin Sentiment.

I’m in love!
…and booking is possible here.


2 thoughts on “Hand Made in Berlin

  1. Hi, I’m trying to look into this but the URL does not exist anymore… do you know how else I can find out more?

    • Hi Beth,
      I do have an email from Sentiment Schmuck. Tina, the owner and main designer of Sentiment runs most of these courses such as the ones I wrote about.
      Please let me know if this works. If not, I’ll put you in touch in another way!
      The email is: tina@sentiment-schmuck.de
      Enjoy Handmade & Berlin!

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