Berlin on a Rainy Day

Sometimes, I’m obsessed with the strange vision of a webcam on reality. I’m stuck in Berlin waiting for my flight to Mongolia. The sky is grey and in the morning there are not enough sparks in my brain to start my day’s work of preproduction.

I’m so glad and lucky to always find a kind friend giving me a home. And I love Berlin homes. They all got a disc jockey console in their living rooms. They got high ceilings plastered with stucco. They got large windows and large rooms with wooden floors. They got open kitchens and gas stoves. Somebody wrote Fenster putzen!  on the glass, Clean windows! I’m loving it.

Only the sky is grey. But that might change.

Thank you very much, my dearest Berliner friend, for letting me stay! I love the weird and wonderful video art piece you were working on and I wish you the most amazing time with it in Taipei. Enjoy Asia and make sure you’re my guest with your loved ones some time soon in Munich. I’ll take you to the mountains, I promise. My house is a lot less amazing than yours, hope a homemade bread waiting there for you will make up for it! – Thanks for having me! Enjoy Asia!
– Sanne.


4 thoughts on “Berlin on a Rainy Day

  1. Ich wünsche Dir eine fantastische, eindrucksvolle und unvergessliche Zeit in der Mongolei und natürlich einen reibungslosen Dreh! Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf Berichte und Fotos. Take care, xxox

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