Mongolian Mornings.

Each morning trains full with heaps of coal go past our home east. You see them  behind the river in the far just in front of the Ulaanbaatar ferris wheel. In the evening, trains packed with dollars go back west. The large red blue flag of Mongolia flies in the morning sun, the skyscrapers are growing slow enough to still give you the feel of width and space, even though you are in the middle of a fast growing capital. The morning light can still flood almost horizontally in to streets, alleys, jurist, houses and homes.

Never in my life I saw more expensive off-road vehicles on the roads. The town seems to the European visitor almost plastered with Hummers. A SUV density I did not even see in New York.

We love our drivers, bringing us in a microbus to set each day. We love the dodgy roads often so bad that you only realize you’re taking the off-road short cut then your window is hit by branches of trees. It’s nice to be elsewhere. Definitely with your mind.

The soundtrack of Mongolian life hovers through our car. I close my eyes, I miss my kids and for now dream the film.See other Mongolian dreams After Hours in Mongolia, whilst Filmmaking in Mongolia and waiting for Comeback, Jack.



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