“It’s Funny How the Election of a Foreign Country Touches Us” or: Why the World’s Citizens Beg US Citizens to Go and Vote.

When a culture even more so than an economy or political power becomes so overwhelmingly strong, that you feel it’s a vital part of your life, you somehow feel part of it.

Being a teenager, it was insane even to think about English titled movies in cinema or about my parents ordering “Spare ribs” instead of “Gegrillte Rippchen” or simply “Grill-Kassler”. Somehow the US-ification has taken the world, at least Germany it has taken. for the good, I believe:

English became the lingua franca  of contemporary Europe. The movie industry is trying harder and yes – my kids do love MacDonald’s and I love the “back to your own soil” and slow-food movement that was largely pushed here through the Internet and thus through the US. – The US, it’s where most Internet users are sitting, where therefore a massive amount is published and a giant wave of public opinion, trend or sometimes simply hot air can be and is created.

I’m not an US citizen, but my life is largely influenced by the decision of those US citizens, who actually make use of their right and vote.

You carry a huge responsibility. Use it. Go out there. Vote.




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