It ties you to the bed with fever and self-pity at first, plenty of bedside-stuck chores in the middle and headaches and hope in the end. no, I’m not pregnant. I’ve just been sick, the common flu, nothing much.

But being a sometimes impatient person, days and days of what feels like never-ending misery – it does – suck  – so – much.

Some great things happened during these weeks however. Things you’d never expect and I found utterly surprising:

green and red plants at windowOne

Forced by headaches to stop watching or listening to anything, writhing in boredom (yes and the already mentioned self-pity), I started after 30 years of abstinence to crochet again! No, I’m not a 60+ granny who did do a lot of needle work when being 30…I’d been forced at primary school to do some crafting. And I hated it. Coz it was flimsy and fine work and my fine motor skills screamed for hammering and sawing rather than for needles and hooks. Coz it was slow and endless and my results always crooked and full of holes rather than rich, fleshy, shiny and straight like good German needlework should be. Coz we use the most stupid terms for the different stitches in German that made completely no sense to me (and still make no sense to me). Coz it was utterly useless making silly dolls when the boys were allowed to make cool shelfs. And: Yes! Coz only the girls had to do it and the boys could indulge in cool woodwork stuff. Last not least we got marks on it. Being else a good student with not much effort to e made, in handcrafts I was a complete failure. Did I mention that a more democratic self-determined education would have changed that back than?! Anyway: I did it! Thanks to the English language and the very easy to access terms of  “single/double/treble” stitch (no little batons, no tight stitch like in German…), thanks to Youtube tutorials and Wikipedia: I can do it! I can read patterns, do textures like basket weave pattern and raspberry stitch, invent stuff, make things. And it’s very easy indeed. crochet in raspberry stitchteapot cozy with raspberry stitch and shell edgingTwo weeks of learning – et voilà!


Yes, the second thing I found very surprising is: I’m healthy again! Funny how we tend to forget over and over again that things keep changing when we’re down, no? “Bad days are numbered” as my friend Tom says. If we’d only always knew how far we’ll have to count to reach to the end.

Now the sun is shining on a snow-covered Munich. On Sunday I’m invited for breakfast. My friends from Components host a Sunday guest post that comes with a coffee and I’m part of it. Yeah. Go check it out here. I can’t wait to go outside and be in the world.

mistel toe on vintage winter window

stat from cardboard on winter window



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