Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

Frühstück Kaffee Sanne Kurz

Today I’ve been invited for breakfast by Components. It’s an international project about creative minds and social media.
On Sundays, Components are having a guest and I was flattered and proud when I’ve been asked to join!

We had the best conversation: We talked in-depth about my very own museum as well as the best breakfast-spots in Munich. We chatted about what inspires us and all the plans we got for the new year. I got a chance to book my – yes! – own curator and I had the best Sunday morning treat in a long time. Head over to read the interview and guest post on Components or see what other breakfast guests from all around the globe had to say in the past!

{The Breakfast with… / Frühstück mit… series is bilingual English/German.}





2 thoughts on “Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

    • Hey! Glad to see you here 🙂
      You can follow the links and read the full interview. It’s almost like sitting together over a coffee. Even my Mum told me she felt she’s sitting right there at a table with us!
      Hope you are well&happy!

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