English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

You probably can only get this excited about trifle and trifle-making when you did not grow up with it. And when the picture in your English book looks so appalling, that you think of trifle as some food another person has eaten before. – Repelling and unknown…it’s the adventure setup challenging every 12-year-old.

If you’re than one of the lucky few who actually get’s to taste it, coz a class mate brings it in just before the Easter break and if it’s than oh so miraculously good – well than: you’re hooked.

My younger one was so excited, he rang me in Thessaloniki to find out if we’d make trifle today-right-this-second, he googled about 800 different recipes to match the one in his Green Line English book – which was at his father’s place – he even went with me on a 3-hour shopping trip by bike! – A rare occasion, normally I get a “nein danke” when it’s grocery-shopping-shifting-bags-home time. – He even promised me 3000 clicks when I’d write about making trifle.

So this weekend, trifle time it was!

Trifle with Black Cherry Jelly - food photography by Sanne KurzWe improvised based on the 800 recipes he googled.
We chose as main ingredients the things laughing at us begging “take me” during our grocery tour and the memories, he had of his last English lesson.
Here is how we did it.
It’s delicious:

  • 1 pack vanilla custard powder for 500 ml (about one pint) milk
  • the milk mentioned above for the custard powder
  • we used 2 tablespoon more sugar than mentioned on our vanilla custard pack
  • 1 pack black cherry jelly (we used jelly powder)
  • water to prepare the jelly
  • 200ml sweet cream, which we whipped until stiff (6.7oz or 0.42 pint)
  • 1 large pack of shortbread or butter biscuits, we used the classic German Leibniz-Butter-Keks – the cookies you choose to use should be fairly dry
  • strawberries (the season just started in Spain…)
  • banana
  • chocolate Leibniz biscuit or other decoration

Vanilla Strawberry Trifle - Food Photography Sanne Kurz

  1. Prepare the jelly. Let it cool down and set it in the fridge to stiffen. 
  2. Prepare the vanilla custard, we added 1 tbsp sugar extra, oh, and: we let the custard burn a bit…not sure if that contributed to the amazing trifle taste…
  3. Whip the cream until very stiff.
  4. Cut the fruits.
  5. Crumble the biscuits in to a large glass device. The bottom layer can be a bit thicker. It works as foundation.
  6. Pour the vanilla custard on the crumbs. We did that when the custard was still hot. It soaked beautifully in to the first biscuit layer.
  7. Sprinkle the strawberry bits on the vanilla custard. Add the banana pieces. Our fruits were cut fairly fine. My son and I were debating if there should be an equal amount of banana and strawberry or not. I prefer a little banana and a lot of strawberry. And since I’m writing this post…use less banana than strawberry!
  8. Whipped cream goes on top of the fruits sunk in to the vanilla custard.
  9. Repeat the layers: biscuit crumbs, fruits, whipped cream as often as you like and your bowl permits you.
  10. Finish with whipped cream.
  11. Scoop out nice bits from the cold jelly to decorate the top.
  12. Add other decoration ad libitum.

Trifle Seite 63 Green Line -  Sanne Kurz

We had the trifle in the fridge over night. That way, all the flavours could come together really nicely and the biscuits got beautifully soaked, smooth and yummy, just like a rich cake. Thanks for the idea and making this with me! – Oh, and: I’ll better get the 3000 clicks you promised me!

Roses and Trifle - Sanne Kurz

The roses in the foreground I got for 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. I only learned about this day after the German reunification – our crèche kindergarteners from the former GDR celebrated it. Flowers for 8th of March is what happens when you find yourself an Eastern European male family member. One of the benefits of these types of husbands: flowers on International Women’s Day.

In fact: not only men give flowers to women. A great lady, whose blog I love to read and who’s images I love to look at is Irena from Irena&dots. She gave flowers to the ladies on 8th of March! Irena is located very central in Europe. She’s blogging from a country, that used to be “East” when we still had an iron curtain dividing our continent. “East” = manners = flowers for International Women’s Day for all the ladies!

On March the 8th Irena nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. These awards work like a chain-letter. They engage you in to a lovely afternoon of reading, exploring new blogs, getting new ideas and a bunch of inspiration and meeting new people and their worlds online. – So: Thank you Irena for nominating me and making me part of this! Here’s my list of what I read and recommend a.k.a. my “nominees for the Super Sweet Blogging Award”:

  1. Irena&dots – I know the people who nominated you are not supposed to be here, but for me it’s a list of reading recommendations rather than a list of people I nominate. Visit Irena for wonderful images that come together with vegetarian and non vegetarian versions of one recipe. Small little texts just enough to read over a coffee give great extra inspiration. – No, she does not pay me to write this.
  2. Nr.11 – I met Nr.11 via Irena&dots. Great, inspiring visuals, English kitchen baking, seasonal cooking, food for a small budget, but still delicious and amazing.
  3. Rockfarmer – Food and environment posts. I tried making her excellent fruit scrap vinegar. it was a big success. All recipes are usually gluten-free and dairy product free.
  4. Breakfasts @Components – Each second Sunday the creative platform Components takes us out to visit photographers, bloggers, artists and have breakfast with them. I love the “Breakfast with…” series and can only recommend! Absolutely my favorite breakfast spot since {365} Breakfasts moved from daily posting to archive only. Recipes only when the interviewed people add them!
  5. Lottie+Doof – When I got there first, I read all through the blog for two days. Very creative, well written food blog with great images.
  6. Hungry Foodies Pharmacy – Pharmacist by day and chef at night. Grown up in a restaurant and finished uni with a doctorate degree. Gluten free&vegan and roast pork&BBQ. I’m not a frequent reader, but love to stop by.
  7. Frugal Feeding – Call me efficient, call me frugal, call me stingy – here I find many things I find inspiring in an economical use of resources…and everything on this page is delicious looking and tempting to read about…coz we wanna be resourceful but we don’t wanna give up daily pleasures, do we?
  8. Things {We} Make – I tried many things from this blog, all my experiments were real winners. Love their brioche!
  9. Liz&Jewels – Two friends from Münster/Germany and New York City/USA who used to live in one city together and now are cooking together across the ocean. 1 recipe / 1 story and 2 results / 2 amazing images. Definitely a read!
  10. Valentinas Kochbuch – Cooking book reviews. Amazing. In German… but reviewing English language books here and there! They do not only review books, but are also cooking recipes from these books, interviewing cooks, writers and photographers… this page is definitely worth heading over for to Goole Translate!
  11. Birds like Cake – This German language blog can be accessed via the”In English Please” Button on the page. Stunning images, mouth-watering recipes, great little stories. Gotta follow this!
  12. Zimt Zucker  und Liebe – German language blog. To read it use the “In English please!” Button right on the page. – The best pear Tarte Tatin I ever saw! A must follow.
  13. Missboulette – Korean and non Korean food, Kimchi goodness or should I say goddess?! Written by a German/Korean in…German.   …what a selfish list-maker I am!

Super Sweet Questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?     
Definitely cookies  a n d  cakes. 

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate eves, vanilla days.

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?
The first raspberries, strawberries and cherries in the garden each year.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
When having a tea with lots of milk in the evening getting ready for bed.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Suggestions please in  the comments below…  

 {Last not least the rules of the Super Sweet Blogging Award: *1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. *2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back. *3 Answer the “Super Sweet” questions. *4 Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” ~ 13 ~ blogs, link to their pages in your post, and notify them on their sites. *5 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.}

Trifle recipe Photo on 2013-03-25 at 09.19



6 thoughts on “English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

    • Oh, yo make my days each time I’m enjoying some of your posts! We must not forget that before Internet we only ever got to read lovely things after a day-trip to the library and/or taking our purse out in the newsagent’s shop…and now I got the pleasure to read things people like you do!

  1. You have a very likable 12-years old! Nice to read how passionate he is in the kitchen and what research he did prior that – 800!? 🙂 The cake looks delish, obviously the perfect recipe! 😉
    Thank you for all these compliments, don’t deserve them all! Flowers I only receive from dad but he do that for any other occasion. Every girl loves flower attention, doesn’t she? 😉 Thanks again for yours!

      • Interesting. I’ve only dated Slovenian but only recieved flowers twice 🙂 However, hope you’ll cheer as with many more nice post in the future. As said before always nice to read your writing&see your photos!!!
        ps..milky tea&cookies – is there anything better that than no matter what time of the day? 😉

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