Street Art in Thessaloniki

I visited Greece. We get to read a lot about Greece and the crisis these days. I’ve been there for a film festival. These were the souvenirs I brought home to you { Shoplifting and OrangesGreece in the Rain }.

Here’s some street art I found in Thessaloniki:

street art greece thessaloniki - girlstreet art greece thessalonikistreet art greece thessaloniki - birdstreet art thessaloniki - tiger stencilOh and there was some amazing poster, that I could not resist. I’m in love:

poster art wall art street art thessaloniki greece - drag





5 thoughts on “Street Art in Thessaloniki

    • I saw a similar bird-creature before in Berlin. It’s a city which started to get rolling in the crisis, when the mayor of Berlin famously was stating about his city “We’re poor, but we’re sexy!”
      I live in Munich. Very much no crisis and no street art here.
      Artists need affordable living and working space. Empty office and retail space does provide this space often.
      On the other side, I do completely agree: art does often express the mood people are or a nation is in.
      These images definitely made me feel something.

  1. It is incredible what painting they did! Especialy those that covers the whole wall of the buildings! Thanks for sharing these, hope for more souvenirs 😉

    • Can you imagine how that was done?
      I mean: you got to use scaffolding and break your draft down in little bits, painting / drawing each bit on one level of the scaffolding that’s supporting you…
      I agre: truly amazing work of these artists!

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