No Mail for Old Men – Or Why It’s Fun to Have Grandparents with Wifi

When men worked all their life, it's fair enough that they enjoy their late days on the terrace, in a sunny garden and with friends surrounding them. These days, it's important that these terraces got WiFi and that the friends are on Skype and equipped with an email account at least... "Did you know you … Continue reading No Mail for Old Men – Or Why It’s Fun to Have Grandparents with Wifi

Street Art in Thessaloniki

I visited Greece. We get to read a lot about Greece and the crisis these days. I've been there for a film festival. These were the souvenirs I brought home to you { Shoplifting and Oranges - Greece in the Rain }. Here's some street art I found in Thessaloniki: Oh and there was some … Continue reading Street Art in Thessaloniki

Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

Today I've been invited for breakfast by Components. It's an international project about creative minds and social media. On Sundays, Components are having a guest and I was flattered and proud when I've been asked to join! We had the best conversation: We talked in-depth about my very own museum as well as the best … Continue reading Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

A Place to Share and Explore Europe’s Cultural Heritage: Europeana

They could not resist to put "economic growth" in the end of this video. As if economic growth was the excuse we needed to create writing, images, sounds. As if painters, photographers, architects, poets, filmmakers, musicians and designers of all kind ever thought "Let's do it! It will create economic growth!" As if we would … Continue reading A Place to Share and Explore Europe’s Cultural Heritage: Europeana

Movies vs. Gaming

Almost each meeting, each panel discussion, each chat over a coffee with friends from the motion picture industry comes to a point where someone calls for more involvement of us filmmakers in the games industry. "The gaming industry is such a big market."  worried faces call out. "We must not miss this train before it's … Continue reading Movies vs. Gaming

Done. Now: Sleep.

Sun has set and night is falling in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Some of us are still stuck in the endless traffic jams paralyzing the city from dawn till dusk. Some were lucky to find into a deep calm and soothing ease... And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now. Hush, … Continue reading Done. Now: Sleep.

Hand Made in Berlin

Travelling in Berlin earlier this year for Berlinale, Friedrichshain is as usually on my list. An old friend of mine introduced me to some secret gems, tiny shops often run by the artists who created the offered products. Sentiment is such a gem. Sentiment is a gold smith and jewellery designer based in Berlin Friedrichshain. Classical German craftsmen mastership … Continue reading Hand Made in Berlin

Pup Pok. @Components – Creative Minds and Social Media.

I have not seen her in a while. I forgot where she is, lives and works right now. I well remember her face. Components by  Munich based photographer Simone Naumann is such a lovely project, so light and easy, but yet with tightly woven structure, that I mailed it out to many many people. I … Continue reading Pup Pok. @Components – Creative Minds and Social Media.

Under Cover.

Queen Elizabeth II is fond of it. Egyptian pharaohs wore it and called it Nemes. It's just a piece of cloth and yet so important in any possible way for many people, pulling on both sides of it, trying to pull it on or off, wrap it up or on. I myself felt the pulling … Continue reading Under Cover.

Stills Animation.

This week is for me, cinematographer by trade, a gigantic editing workshop. Yesterday, I discovered animations made of stills. I got a lot of free time shooting in Brussels WOW! Talk loops. What a WOW! Talk actually IS, you can find out here. How hard of a bit work it is, to get those people … Continue reading Stills Animation.