English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

You probably can only get this excited about trifle and trifle-making when you did not grow up with it. And when the picture in your English book looks so appalling, that you think of trifle as some food another person has eaten before. - Repelling and unknown...it's the adventure setup challenging every 12-year-old. If you're than … Continue reading English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes

I'm not a food writer, not a cook and as a cinematographer not even vaguely able to tax-deduct cook books. So each time, I really urgently need a cook book, I creep around the shelf with the book for hours. Ah, what am I saying: I sneak around the shop with the book for weeks! … Continue reading Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes

Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

Today I've been invited for breakfast by Components. It's an international project about creative minds and social media. On Sundays, Components are having a guest and I was flattered and proud when I've been asked to join! We had the best conversation: We talked in-depth about my very own museum as well as the best … Continue reading Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

Golden October Apple Pies or Why I Hate to Leave My House at Six.

"Why do musicians get up at 6?" - "Coz the shops are closing at 7!"  - ok, German humour, you got me. And: I'm not a musician anyway. But man, I hate getting up at 6. 6 in the morning that is. But most of all, I hate leaving the house at 6. When I … Continue reading Golden October Apple Pies or Why I Hate to Leave My House at Six.

Wrapping Day.

All stamps via Yellow Owl Workshop. Brown strong parcel wrapping paper via amazon. Green and red stamp ink via Pelikan. Red ribbons: vintage home collection. Embroidery: vintage flea market find.

Slow Summer Weekend

Apart from a slow summer, you can have a slow weekend. Which is what we did: It was to hot outside to possibly stand it in the garden any longer than the time necessary for a quick breakfast coffee...so I went inside cooking up something my great great aunt had invented. A bit of whisk … Continue reading Slow Summer Weekend

Nut Bread: Homemade. Artisan. Fast. Easy. Yummy.

It's the darkest, rainiest day in August humanity has ever seen. This is how  the Deluge must have started. A perfect day to stay at home, think about if it's insane to put on the fireplace in August and: To bake! For my non-baking friend Ju, I'll spread here and now publicly the secret of … Continue reading Nut Bread: Homemade. Artisan. Fast. Easy. Yummy.

Homemade Hungarian Pickles

Imagine you are a freelancer, running to a business meeting, just able to squeeze through the door in the last second and all you got as excuse is "I had to pickle cucumbers!" Pretty lame, he? But oh so true. Having sown heaps of gherkins 'Vorgebirgstrauben' this year, I simply do not know where to … Continue reading Homemade Hungarian Pickles

From Field To Mouth: Strawberry Fields

Should you ever happen to visit Germany in June, make sure you ask for strawberry fields. At about 3 Euros the kilo you can pick your own strawberries, fresh from field to mouth. We went there today for a cycling trip and it's hard to tell what was more fun: cycling in sunshine, the air … Continue reading From Field To Mouth: Strawberry Fields

Assamese Cuisine, German Spätzle And What’s Slime Got To Do With It.

I love Couchsurfing. I host, I travel, I have been doing it alone and with my family and children. I do it when I am working for a low-budget movie, I do it when I am longing for a holiday, I do it for exchange. I have been given keys, city tours, beds and couches. … Continue reading Assamese Cuisine, German Spätzle And What’s Slime Got To Do With It.