How to Find and Praise the Commons

In many European countries gleaning after harvest is a widely accepted thing. A necessity after WWII, it became a fun event. Kids do it with their parents, you do it as a sunny Sunday afternoon, you join your gleaning neighbors. - It's hip, Agnes Varda celebrated it in her glorious film Le glaneur et la glaneuse as a … Continue reading How to Find and Praise the Commons

Seed. Saat. Samen.

Diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen * Link zu Samen Tausch Börsen | Links to seed swaps in Europe * Frank's Spring Garden Fever I read about on her blog here got me going and made me finally get my hands in to soil again for the first time this season...on this gloomy dark day... I … Continue reading Seed. Saat. Samen.

Rose Hips and Ivy

It's freezing cold in our no-proper-heating house. Unless you chop wood, start a fire and got patience. Still winter's a great time here. What a perfect excuse to tuck in under thick layers of woolen blankets, pamper your legs with eiderdown quilts and snuggle in heavy duvets. We took a Saturday off to bake with … Continue reading Rose Hips and Ivy

Slow Summer Weekend

Apart from a slow summer, you can have a slow weekend. Which is what we did: It was to hot outside to possibly stand it in the garden any longer than the time necessary for a quick breakfast I went inside cooking up something my great great aunt had invented. A bit of whisk … Continue reading Slow Summer Weekend

Homemade Hungarian Pickles

Imagine you are a freelancer, running to a business meeting, just able to squeeze through the door in the last second and all you got as excuse is "I had to pickle cucumbers!" Pretty lame, he? But oh so true. Having sown heaps of gherkins 'Vorgebirgstrauben' this year, I simply do not know where to … Continue reading Homemade Hungarian Pickles

From Field To Mouth: Strawberry Fields

Should you ever happen to visit Germany in June, make sure you ask for strawberry fields. At about 3 Euros the kilo you can pick your own strawberries, fresh from field to mouth. We went there today for a cycling trip and it's hard to tell what was more fun: cycling in sunshine, the air … Continue reading From Field To Mouth: Strawberry Fields

Sukkot in Germany

We, the probably most non-religious family  in all catholic Bavaria, built a Sukkah today. We even had dinner in it. It is a beginners one, but made everybody sooo happy. Oh and of course we did use plastic. Did you not know plastic comes from leaves, which have been transformed to mineral oil till we … Continue reading Sukkot in Germany

Seed Bombs are Sex Bombs.

You will love this. Especially when you have no garden and are of the wild sort. Yep, wild, garden...and gardening. Who would have thought anyway that I will start writing about gardening. Things as boring as climate harshness zones and fertilisers (yes, the connoisseurs will cry with me and feel with me whilst reading I … Continue reading Seed Bombs are Sex Bombs.

Weather: A Dark Month.

"Winters last from December to March." you can read on the Wikipedia page about Munich under Climate. Followed by those wise words: "The summers last from May until September." Oh, and this funny looking site of shady origin claiming for itself to be a "Worldatlas" announces  from "May through to September" warm and pleasant conditions … Continue reading Weather: A Dark Month.


As much as I love my fathers cave, I like to get out of the hollow again after some good food from the camp fire. Run, fast, to get to the woods, surrounding the meadows I grew up in and the houses standing there, staring in the silently falling snow. After my parents broke up, … Continue reading Snow.