Street Art in Thessaloniki

I visited Greece. We get to read a lot about Greece and the crisis these days. I've been there for a film festival. These were the souvenirs I brought home to you { Shoplifting and Oranges - Greece in the Rain }. Here's some street art I found in Thessaloniki: Oh and there was some … Continue reading Street Art in Thessaloniki

Tree Tall Teenagers, Easter Nests and Crochet Baby Shoes

A very good friend of mine will be father soon. He's excited. I'm excited. Despite the fact that my own kids are already hard approaching leaving-mama's-nest time I developed in the last years an "oh my god so cute" appreciation for small children I never had or knew before from myself. Perhaps it's not despite the … Continue reading Tree Tall Teenagers, Easter Nests and Crochet Baby Shoes

English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

You probably can only get this excited about trifle and trifle-making when you did not grow up with it. And when the picture in your English book looks so appalling, that you think of trifle as some food another person has eaten before. - Repelling and's the adventure setup challenging every 12-year-old. If you're than … Continue reading English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes

I'm not a food writer, not a cook and as a cinematographer not even vaguely able to tax-deduct cook books. So each time, I really urgently need a cook book, I creep around the shelf with the book for hours. Ah, what am I saying: I sneak around the shop with the book for weeks! … Continue reading Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes


It ties you to the bed with fever and self-pity at first, plenty of bedside-stuck chores in the middle and headaches and hope in the end. no, I'm not pregnant. I've just been sick, the common flu, nothing much. But being a sometimes impatient person, days and days of what feels like never-ending misery - … Continue reading Happy.

A Place to Share and Explore Europe’s Cultural Heritage: Europeana

They could not resist to put "economic growth" in the end of this video. As if economic growth was the excuse we needed to create writing, images, sounds. As if painters, photographers, architects, poets, filmmakers, musicians and designers of all kind ever thought "Let's do it! It will create economic growth!" As if we would … Continue reading A Place to Share and Explore Europe’s Cultural Heritage: Europeana

Golden October Apple Pies or Why I Hate to Leave My House at Six.

"Why do musicians get up at 6?" - "Coz the shops are closing at 7!"  - ok, German humour, you got me. And: I'm not a musician anyway. But man, I hate getting up at 6. 6 in the morning that is. But most of all, I hate leaving the house at 6. When I … Continue reading Golden October Apple Pies or Why I Hate to Leave My House at Six.

Done. Now: Sleep.

Sun has set and night is falling in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Some of us are still stuck in the endless traffic jams paralyzing the city from dawn till dusk. Some were lucky to find into a deep calm and soothing ease... And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now. Hush, … Continue reading Done. Now: Sleep.

China vs. Mongolia

In China... the land you build your house on falls after 70 years back to the government. In Mongolia... the Mongolian Navy does not carry white sea bags. In China... you got to dump your car after 8 years or 200.000km of driving it. In Mongolia... you got to make sure to always carry 400 DIY … Continue reading China vs. Mongolia

Shanghai, the Pyjamas and the Curious Elderly

China is facing an even bigger challenge dealing with its elderly than the US, who promised and entire generation of baby-boomers healthcare when retired and now does not know how to cover it. In China, however,  years of one-child-policy lead to a population pyramid heavy on top and slim at the bottom. The world's saying … Continue reading Shanghai, the Pyjamas and the Curious Elderly