Street Art in Thessaloniki

I visited Greece. We get to read a lot about Greece and the crisis these days. I've been there for a film festival. These were the souvenirs I brought home to you { Shoplifting and Oranges - Greece in the Rain }. Here's some street art I found in Thessaloniki: Oh and there was some … Continue reading Street Art in Thessaloniki

Greece in the Rain

I love Couchsurfing. I host. I stay with others. I contribute. I take my family. Today, a fellow Couchsurfer checked up on me about his holiday plans. He saw on my Couchsurfing profile that I'm currently in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece, attending the renown Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.  He mailed me to find out about Greece: Like myself, … Continue reading Greece in the Rain

Shoplifting and Oranges

I'm still amazed and surprised to see oranges on trees in spring, rather than at Christmas in supermarket shelves. Despite being often in Israel and other places where this happens every year: this wonder, that the trees are hanging full of oranges. My mum is born in 1946. Pretty much exactly one year after the … Continue reading Shoplifting and Oranges

Done. Now: Sleep.

Sun has set and night is falling in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Some of us are still stuck in the endless traffic jams paralyzing the city from dawn till dusk. Some were lucky to find into a deep calm and soothing ease... And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now. Hush, … Continue reading Done. Now: Sleep.

China vs. Mongolia

In China... the land you build your house on falls after 70 years back to the government. In Mongolia... the Mongolian Navy does not carry white sea bags. In China... you got to dump your car after 8 years or 200.000km of driving it. In Mongolia... you got to make sure to always carry 400 DIY … Continue reading China vs. Mongolia

Shanghai, the Pyjamas and the Curious Elderly

China is facing an even bigger challenge dealing with its elderly than the US, who promised and entire generation of baby-boomers healthcare when retired and now does not know how to cover it. In China, however,  years of one-child-policy lead to a population pyramid heavy on top and slim at the bottom. The world's saying … Continue reading Shanghai, the Pyjamas and the Curious Elderly

Shanghai Mornings

Days are short and intense in Shanghai. Sun rises around 6am and a 5pm sunset gives you not much time to doodle and dawdle through your day. At least not when you're trying to make a movie, that is. And especially not, when almost all you'd love to get in the can in day exteriors. … Continue reading Shanghai Mornings

A Golden Holiday in Shanghai

How much I wish I could have written each evening about all things blowing my mind when staying this far to short week in Shanghai to shoot the exteriors for the Mongolian feature film I'm currently working on. Futuristic skylines and colonial-calm quarters, turbo-capitalism and communist-propaganda-pride, German-sports-cars and tricycle-transports, vast parks and gigantic inner-city highways, with 23 million … Continue reading A Golden Holiday in Shanghai

Mongolian Mornings.

Each morning trains full with heaps of coal go past our home east. You see them  behind the river in the far just in front of the Ulaanbaatar ferris wheel. In the evening, trains packed with dollars go back west. The large red blue flag of Mongolia flies in the morning sun, the skyscrapers are … Continue reading Mongolian Mornings.

After Hours in Mongolia – Authentic Thermos Poetry

We had a rather long shooting day. "Time's running fast" I hear from the right. We're all a little bit drunk. Work's behind us, we got a 7:30 start tomorrow, Shanghai is looming. Hanna, my amazing key gaffer, wants to buy shorts and made the effort to note all Mongolian English day-to-day poetry, we encounter … Continue reading After Hours in Mongolia – Authentic Thermos Poetry